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QUEERING GODZILLA is a risograph fan publication, glowing with radioactivity via rainbow images from LGBTQ* Godzilla fans. The book exists as a love letter to fandom, fanart and fanfiction. To deviantart, reddit, tumblr and internet culture. It is a visual essay on queer twitter, to teenagers reading into absolutely everything, twisting fact and fiction to fit their own hybrid narrative. A love letter to the icons who came before us; to mothman, to the babadook. Listicles of Top Ten Queer Icons in Mythology. This book is a visual essay on not seeing your queerness within pop divas and drag race. On seeing it within rage. It is a visual essay on reclaiming ‘monster’.This book is love letter to finding representation in the strangest of places.

                                     Commissioned by Castlefield Gallery for      

                                                    Manchester Contemporary,  2019.  

                                             4 colour risograph, 56 pages, edition of 35.