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                  Queer As Fish 


         Does She Have Sex With The Fish Man? 

        People Really Want To Bone The Fish From Shape Of Water 

         "We Wanted To Make It A Very Sexy Fish..." 

                  It's Okay If Shape Of Water Made You Horny

Visual research into sexual attraction to aquatic humanoids in art, mythology and popular culture. Produced for Guiltee Pleasures at Oh Kay Gal, York, curated by QT Collective. 

Staring Mesotopian Deity Dagon, The Sea Monk, John William Waterhouse, The Little Mermaid, Paris Hilton, Guillermo Del Toro and more.

WET, 2019. Printed with teal risograph on bio top 120gsm + hardback cover, embossed, coptic bound. 48 pages. Edition of 10. 

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