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Things We Liked This Month,                    2020 - 2022.

Things We Liked This Month was a subscription zine published monthly overly the course of two years by Shy Bairns. The zine was a collection of recent things SB had seen and liked -- a spread could be as simple of a meme Elle saved on her phone, or as complex as a 1000 word review of new plates Erin bought. Starting in January 2020, the project became an accidental time capsule for the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Things We Liked This Month, 22 issues of varying length, all A5 printed with risograph on 120 gsm Biotop with occasional specialist covers + 1 Christmas issue, coil bound, and 1 final issue double issue, 210mm x 105mm. 


TWLTM was available via a Patreon ran by Shy Bairns to support their studio practice. An archive of TWLTM is held in MMU Special Collections, BALTIC archive and Salford Zine Library.

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FINAL inside.png
FINAL inside inside.png
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