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noun: otherkin; plural noun: otherkins; plural noun: otherkin

    1    a person who identifies as non-human, typically as being wholly or partially an animal or mythical being.


Other Kin is a scrapbook of religious iconography for the future; a future with phantom limbs and teeth and wings and fur and freedom. Published with a risograph printer, a process originally used by churches, political parties and community groups as a cheap and quick way to distribute ephemera, Other Kin documents interpretations of mainstream media by a community of non-humans. Through this documentation the book interrogates the reoccurring theme of therianthropy and zoomorphism in popular culture throughout history, considering the on-screen solidarity it gives to believers in this modern movement of kinship.  


Other Kin, 2020. Printed in flat gold, black and purple risograph on Cairn 120gsm. Edition of 10. 

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