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Lonely Boy, 2018 - 2021.

Lonely Boy was a publishing project that ran from 2018 until 2021, collaboratively with Izzy Kroese. The four open call zines produced during this time were an attempt to offset serious projects, creating a 'last week at School before the holidays' vibe for artists to share festive works. Lonely Boy released three issues of Lonely Christmas, and one issue of Lonely Hearts, a valentines day special. 

Around 50 artists were featured throughout the years, including Amrit RandhawaHolly Temple, Faye Hadfield, Claye Bowler, Liam Fallon, Nina Durban, , Shia Conlon, Katie Tomlinson, and more. See the full lists of artists involved and read the issues here

Lonely Christmas, 2019; green, red, flat gold and black risograph on Biotop 120gsm, metallic gold risograph cover on G F Smith Colorplan. Pamphlet stitched. Edition of 100. 

Lonely Christmas, 2020; sunflower yellow and medium blue risograph, letterpress text. Pamphlet stitched. Edition of 100.

Lonely Hearts, 2021, red risograph on G F Smith Colorplan. Coptic bound. Edition of 150.

Lonely Christmas, 2018, digital b&w print on Evercopy Plus 80gsm, metallic gold risograph cover on G F Smith Colorplan. Saddle stitched. Edition of 50. 

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