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Emo-tion-al. Thinking about emo makes me emotional. I spend a lot of time thinking about emo. This zine includes old drawings, new visual art, mixtapes, snippets of old blogging, new writing, old faces and scanned in memories. Guess which is which. What was made last week and what was made in 2005.

Music & Misery, 2017
Printed in 2 colour risograph on evercopy 80gsm, 50 pages, edition of 100. 


Photographs by Faisal Muhammad from EMO TIONAL, one night exhibition celebrating emo / launching Music & Misery, featuring works by Stacey Davidson, Thomas Tyler, Jessica Tayler Cain, Pippa Eason, Scarlett Hirst, Ralph Pritchard and Jennifer Walton.

Zine included: Jessica-Tayler Cain, Jennifer Walton  Marianne Eloise {Emo Diary}, Heather Wilson, Bex Ilsley, Thomas Tyler, Molly Soda, Olivia Ford, Katy Lynch, Stacey Davidson, Rhys Laird, Izzy Kroese, Hannah Caroline Trim, Phoebe Nightingale, Pippa Eason, Claire Biddles, Emma Sywyj, Scarlett Hirst, Erin Davies, Ralph Pritchard, Daisy May, Charlotte Clutterbuck {Emo Disco}, Beth Mellett, Rebecca Edwards, Fletcher Jackson, Meghan Darby and Hatti Rex.

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