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Made in collaboration with Liam Cosford; a detachable dos-á-dos coptic binding and clamshell box, hand made marbled end papers and inset tarot cards belonging to Liam's mam.  


Clamshell box to hold The Coast Is Queer

postal project, commissioned by UK New

Artists. The box features inset unused

postage stamps from there project, alongside

an embossing of curator Garth Gratrix's

instructions for participants. 

Scrapbook created for 35mm film and holiday ephemera from 

Bergen, Norway - first trip with my partner, first trip since

covid, first trip sober, first book made just for me.  

Secret belgian binding with inset photograph and 10 Norwegian

Krone coin + closure made from sea glass found on the coast of

Bergen and a 5 Norwegian Krone coin.

One off bindings;
    Commissions and personal projects, from 2020 onwards.

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Edition of 4 spiral bound hardcover notebooks,

created for players of a Hellboy themed Dungeons

& Dragons campaign.

French folded pages contain collected Fortean 

ephemera relating to the game. 

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