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ABC Stampa is a project curated by Louis Porter and George Gibson, via Artists’ Books Cooperative, which pays homage to Ulises Carrión’s collectively produced but unfinished Stampa Newspaper. 

ABC Stampa, 2023

As with Carrión’s original, artists were invited to contribute a design for a rubber stamp and to mark where on a sheet of newspaper paper they would like their stamp to be placed.

As a result, two or more artists could request the same space, therefore inviting chance and coexistence to also be collaborators on the project.

ABC Stampa features Kaitlin Chan, Shia Conlon, Enrique Doza, George Gibson, Oliver Griffin, Mishka Henner, Jonathan Lewis, Micah Lexier, John MacLean, Irma Marco, (Mocksim) Micheál O'Connell, Rose Nordin, Monika Orpik, Louis Porter, Jonathan Schmidt Ott, David Schulz, Jana Traboulsi, Elsa Werth, Jessica Williams, Duncan Wooldridge, Rahel Zoller, Karla Zorrilla, Claudia de la Torre, Wil van Iersel, MacDonaldStrand, Further Reading Press, Sticky Fingers Publishing, Taxi Cab Industries and Edition Residencies. 

ABC_Stampa Stamp_b copy.png
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