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SOUVENIR, 2022. Print on demand artist book,

custom pressed penny, flyer. 

First project with ABC; perzine as artist book, an 

exploration of souvenirs for community. 

"George Gibson joined our

project and all we got was

this lousy penny!"


ABCEUM, 2014 - 2022 

ABCEUM re-imagines the museum as a book installation.

Each room in the museum is a print-on-demand artist’s book

of a different size and material.


Assembled, the 22 self-published books constitute a variable floor-plan which visitors can wander through. ABCEUM is an evolving project that can be added to and expanded, with its own changing programme of exhibitions—much like any museum. In ABCEUM, however, the idea of a museum itself can become its own subject.

SOUVENIR was acquired as part of the 2022 ABCEUM programme, and subsequently purchased by Library of Artistic Print on Demand


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